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Franklin State Bank

Quickbooks Intuit Integration

At Franklin State Bank, we are excited to share some exciting news! We believe in making banking easy for everyone, small to large businesses and individuals alike. What better way to make this mission come into fruition than through QuickBook Intuit integration.

Why Does This Integration Matter?

The Intuit connections are up and running! Users of both QuickBooks Desktop and Quickbooks Online can now integrate their online banking through Franklin State Bank with their QuickBooks.This saves you time and reduces redundancies by allowing you to more easily reconcile your bank statements with QuickBooks through automatic downloads of your transactions for categorization.

How Does It Benefit Small and Large Businesses?

Whether your organization is large or small, this QuickBook integration saves precious time in reducing entry redundancies. By connecting your Franklin State Bank account with your QuickBooks platform, transactions can be automatically synced. Once transactions are synced, you simply categorize them. This makes reconciliation easier too by ensuring all transactions from your bank account are entered into your QuickBooks system.

How Do You Implement It for Your QuickBooks?

For security reasons, each new connection between an Intuit application (Quicken or QuickBooks) and the DirectConnect web service will need to be activated.

Click here for step-by-step instructions for implementing Quickbooks