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Franklin State Bank

Bill Pay & P2P

Bill Pay

Bill Pay allows you to pay your bills through your bank account, with you being the one to initiate the payment, not the vendor. Unlike ‘autopay’ where the vendor has permission to withdraw from your bank account, bill pay is authorized by you “pushing” the payment out to the vendor.

Benefits to Bill Pay:

  • Manage multiple vendors from you online or mobile bank account!
  • Payments can be set as one-time or recurring.
  • You choose your payment date
  • Adjust payments at any time
  • You do not give a vendor access to your bank account.
  • You stay more engaged with your bills that fluctuate.
  • It’s FREE


P2P stands for “Person to Person” which means a P2P bank transfer is simply a transfer of funds between your bank account and the bank account of another individual.

P2P Features include:

  • Instantly send money directly to/from your bank account to anyone
  • Located right in your Mobile App or Online Banking portal
  • Money is sent securely directly from our bank to your friend's bank
  • Privacy is key: no third party applications storing your bank information
  • Select which account to send money from
  • No paying fees!
  • Money can be claimed instantly by the receiver, with posting to account in 3 business days
  • It’s FREE

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